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Stark Cologne

Stark Cologne

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Scent Profile

Winter is Coming, Saddle Leather, Tobacco and Oud


Denatured Perfumers Alcohol (Ethanol, T-butyl alcohol, Bitrex), Fragrance Oils

Usage Instructions

Apply to clean, dry skin by spraying 3-6 inches from body. You will get the best results from applying to "pulse points" like the sides of the neck and wrists.

Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Do not spray near an open flame.

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Horrible person! Avoid this jerk!

Never again! Will blame you for their actions. Wait for the vacation excuse. Order will be late because we went on vacation. This happens after taking cash.

We're really sorry you feel this way, even though you ordered from us on 9/12/23 while we had a notice prominently displayed on our web site stating that we were out of town and orders would be delayed. We emailed you after you placed your order to make sure that you knew about the shipping delay due to us being out of town, and also upgraded your order to expedited shipping at no cost to you.

When you messaged us on 9/27/23 (with a rather nasty message at that) asking about shipping status, we were happy to point out that your package shipped the day before, just as was stated would happen on our web site when you ordered. You went out of your way to call us a liar because you don't understand how USPS tracking works.

We received your nasty email tonight regarding your displeasure over receiving a marketing email that you subscribed to, and promptly removed you from our list. We really appreciated your profane and threatening email expressing your thanks.

While we usually follow up on reviews via email, the email you entered (f*** doesn't appear to be valid.