Frequently Asked Questions

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I want a product in one of your scents, but the scent/product combination isn't available. Can you make me one?

Yes!  With the exception of bar soaps, most all of our products can be made with any of our scent profiles.  For example, if you see a men's scent profile that you would love to have a women's product made with, that can absolutely be done.  Please contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

Why did my beard butter arrive melted?

Many companies will add beeswax or other emulsifiers to their beard butters in order to prevent melting during shipping. This causes the butter to get stiffer and harder to work with as well as requiring more effort to melt in your hands when applying. You will often find that beard butters with beeswax will leave waxy buildup in your beard.

Our butters do not contain beeswax or emulsifiers, which creates a softer butter that is easier to work with because of its lower melting point. You may find that you butter has melted during shipping, especially during the summer months. Don't panic! Simply place your butter in the fridge until it sets and enjoy the wax free butter experience!

Do you have an affiliate program?

No, we do not.  While we appreciate what affiliates do, we want to keep our costs low to pass on the savings to our customers.  We want to make the very best products so that you're so happy you just can't stop talking about them!  We aren't going to play the "raise our prices so we can run endless sales" game.  

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