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Smells more like cranberry cough syrup.

While I'm a fan of ARGC, this cranberry scent is not quite choice. The conditioner works very well, but this smells more like cough syrup.

Great Fall scent

Fantastic lather, great Fall scent, what else can you ask for?

Love this

The combo of tobacco and flowers is a dream.

Love this

The smell is amazing and lasts all day. It's moisturizing and cleans well too. I'm definitely buying more!

Stark Cologne
Horrible person! Avoid this jerk!

Never again! Will blame you for their actions. Wait for the vacation excuse. Order will be late because we went on vacation. This happens after taking cash.

We're really sorry you feel this way, even though you ordered from us on 9/12/23 while we had a notice prominently displayed on our web site stating that we were out of town and orders would be delayed. We emailed you after you placed your order to make sure that you knew about the shipping delay due to us being out of town, and also upgraded your order to expedited shipping at no cost to you.

When you messaged us on 9/27/23 (with a rather nasty message at that) asking about shipping status, we were happy to point out that your package shipped the day before, just as was stated would happen on our web site when you ordered. You went out of your way to call us a liar because you don't understand how USPS tracking works.

We received your nasty email tonight regarding your displeasure over receiving a marketing email that you subscribed to, and promptly removed you from our list. We really appreciated your profane and threatening email expressing your thanks.

While we usually follow up on reviews via email, the email you entered (f*** doesn't appear to be valid.

Fall Nostalgia in a Bottle

Absolutely amazing, nostalgic fall / Thanksgiving scent.
Classic pumpkin pie with a twist, as the caramel adds a tad bit of unique sweetness on the back end.
The oil, butter, balm, body butter, and cologne are just spectacular quality, with amazing scent strength and throwing power.
If you’re looking for mom/grandma’s fresh baked pie smell on Thanksgiving, look no further. This is it! Highly recommend!

Raspberry Rush Bar Soap
Konstantine P.

This soap smells so good and it lathers up nicely it makes me feel amazing don’t forget to also get a soap sock I will definitely buy again

Fall Awesomeness

This has to be one of the best ever "fall" scents. I guess it's "technically" a Thanksgiving scent, but for me it is ALL fall. The pumpkin, vanilla and sweet buttercream are just fantastic. The entire set of scents (I'm leaving off three) all mix so well. It just says cooler weather and fall goodness.

As for the blend, it's fantastic. Angry Redhead does a great job with all of their products, and this is no different. Way to go!

All my sample oils are awesome but this one speaks volumes for the scent as I'm a key lime pie fan! The ingredients blend is wonderful as well as the feel in the beard! Small batch company that's just doing it right!

Pine Tar Bar Soap
Jeffrey K.
Pine Tar Soap

The soap is very nice; Having an "earthy" scent without being too over powering! I will be ordering this in the future. By the way my girlfriend loves this choice of my showering products.

Awesome soap, Awesome Fragrance!

I have very sensitive skin so I am always apprehensive to try new products. I will most definitely be back for more! The soap does not over dry my "mature" skin and the scent is heavenly. I will also be gifting these soaps for Christmas this year!

My wife loves this stuff she’s on her 3 jar and I will buy more when she’s out

Perfect barber scent

Absolutely amazing in my top 5 scents. Awesome. Leigh f feels good in the beard

Not what I expected

I was expecting a more woodsy scent from the lavender and sandalwood, but it also has something in it that is a bit reminiscent of lemon drops. I can’t say for sure. Angry Redhead has a great oil blend. Leaves my long grey beard feeling awesome.

Amazing scent/great lather

I work building cabinets during the week and at a Zoo on weekends, between the sawdust and sanding at one, and constantly washing my hands at the other, plus being outside in all kinds of weather my hands and skin take a beating, leading to very dry cracked painful skin. Not anymore since using a soap that actually helps keep my skin softer. Highly recommend this company and all their products

Best of the best

This one top of the shelf and the ingredients are great the blend is also great I would recommend this to my bearded Brothers

Great and smooth

This one top of the shelf and the ingredients are great the blend is also great I would recommend this to my bearded Brothers

Targaryen Cologne
Anthony M.

Great all around scent love the palo santo

Great scent and last a good while just sucks I dropped it on the ground and shattered a day after i got it😭

Great company producing top notch products

Wonderful scent, great lather, awesome company

Great soap, lathers up well and smells great!

Wolf Lodge Beard Butter

This is by far the best beard cream the whole thing is just bomb will say this is better than most bread cream you need to get it try it you won't be disappointed

Great smell.

Came broken with glass and all, didn’t get to try it, and the owner I emailed never replied to resend another bottle it try another smell, the products are awesome the owner and their customer service is trash.