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Has a nice smooth scent

So bare with me. I have lost a lot of my sense of smell. But for me this scent reminds me of the Saukura scent from FLorida Boyz. Smells good. Softens the old beard hair and takes care of itch. Just wish it was stronger

Nice oil,nice scent

I didn’t know what to expect. I like anything blackberry. I wish it was stronger and lasted longer. But it is a nice scent. The oil ingredents is high quality. Does a good job keeping the itch back and softens the old beard. Have purchased more since this one

As advertised

Great seller, just not my kinda scent

Works very well

I just used your product today. I'm impressed. I washed my beard, then applied your beard conditioner. It felt silky and light. I loved it. Then once it was drying I applied my beard coil and all day I was caught off guard on how soft my big thick beard finally felt. Super happy for sure. I will buy again I'm positive! Thank you

Great product but definitely not on my favorites for fragrance. A bit too sweet for me

My absolute favorite by ARGC. Smells like a fresh shave at your local barber

Great product but definitely not one of my favorite fragrances

Great wash

Works great and smells really good. Definitely recommend trying this if you haven't.

Great scent

Great apple scent, not overpowering, great lather, leaves my skin clean but not dried out. As with all Angry Redhead products it is very good stuff!


You really can't go wrong with the Angry Redhead. And Bay Rum? Just a banger. I've used the oil, the butter, wash and conditioner. This is probably my 3rd bottle of wash. And I'll be back again. If you are looking for a fantastic manly summer scent this is it.

Perfect summer scent!

This will put you on a beach listening to the waves, my new favorite summer soap, great lather, keeps my skin nice and hydrated as well!

Mint bar

It’s fine but I’m a patchouli fan

Best coffee in my collection

Iv tryed a lot of coffee scents some are way to strong some even smell burnt others are weak under developed not this it like a great cup of coffee the other components enhance rather than mask the true nature of the brew.

Bay Rum Goat's Milk Body Lotion

I have been looking for a good Bay Rum scented lotion for a long time, and this has instantly become my "go to." Not only does it smell great (it even improves significantly a minute or two after application) but it does a great job of moisturizing dry skin without being greasy. The scent is distinct without being overpowering and provides the perfect amount of warm spice. Will absolutely buy again.

Best Coffee scent Iv found

Perfect amount of coffee strong bold lasting but not overpowering,, very nice product these Butters are so good.

Peach Tea Scrub Bar Soap and Other Bar Soaps from Angry Redhead Grooming

Website, package contents, welcome stickers, thank you items enclosed with soaps and soap socks were excellent and very professional and appreciated. The soaps are excellent smelling, exfoliating, and last a good amount of washes like cold pressed and/or triple milled soaps should last. Highly recommended soap/grooming company from Tennessee, better than some other more readily known companies for sure( i will not name names, but i am not a Doctor...hint, hint..). More bar soap orders will follow for me from The Angry Redhead Grooming Company. Thank You....SJC

Incredible scent!! Excellent product!

Outstanding product!!!

Outstanding product!!!

Fresh cranberries

This is a really nice scent. One of my favorites

Amazing products.

This smell is great. Another great box from an amazing company. Great prices and even better customer service. Thank you!!

Wife loves the smell of it

Mountain Retreat

I thoroughly enjoy the scent of this cologne. It is one of my favorites! I use it all the time.

Stark Beard Oil
Raging H.
Love it

This is one kick a$$ scent. Don't sleep on this one